Aeration is the process of using a mechanical, liquid, or manual lawn aerator to aerate your lawn. Making holes in the surface of your lawn allows deeper root growth and reduces soil compaction. A lawn aerator allows air, water, and nutrients direct access to the root system. Not only does lawn aerating give you a better looking lawn, but it also thickens the turf and this promotes deeper root growth by allowing the roots to expand and grow deeper into the soil. Lawn aeration holes hold water, softening hard soil and giving clay soils more room for expansion.

Most experts recommend you should aerate your lawn every 1-3 years. If you have hills, pets or active outdoor children you may even need it twice a year. The best time to fertilize and over seed is just after you aerate your lawn. If you have bad soil, you should aerate at least once a year for the first five yearsof your lawn's life. After a lawn is established, most experts still recommend that you aerate once every three years.

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