Autumn leaves provide us with beautiful color and that welcome aroma of fall, but few people enjoy the work involved in cleaning up the mess they make as they fall into our flower beds, shrubbery, and cover the lawn. With our professional leaf removal equipment, Golden Bear Lawn Care Ltd. will take care of the mess for you, leaving you with more time to enjoy the season!

We use mulching mowers, leaf blowers, and rakes to take care of each individual area of your yard, clearing the debris and leaving your lawn and yard clean for the winter. A yard that is well-cleaned in the fall is much easier to prepare for spring cleanup, planting, seeding, aeration, and mowing.

Golden Bear Lawn Care Ltd. takes pride in the care with which we tend to your lawn's needs. We know that your yard is important to you, and we treat it with the same care we use on our own yards!

Please contact us for an estimate and leave the work to us!

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