No one likes to open their garage door and find a pile of snow behind their car ... and we all know the frustration of trying to open the front door over a mound of snow!

Golden Bear lawn Care is fully equipped with a professional truck and plow to quickly clear your driveway, and we will use a snowblower or shovels to do the rest. Please call 614-565-4353 if you need help this winter! NOTE: We plow a minimum of 2" of snow.


Winter brings its own set of home and yard care challenges, and snow removal is a time-consuming and strenuous job that most home and business owners dread.

It is important to safely protect your employees, customers and family from the dangers of ice and snow. Let us help you with our snow removal services. We are reliable and responsible.

We will come to your residence or business when the snow reaches two inches in depth. No more worries about clearing that snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks. Let us do the heavy work for you!

We use plows, snowblowers, and shovels to efficiently clear snow-covered and icy surfaces that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Please contact Golden Bear Lawn Care Ltd. to discuss establishing a schedule for snow removal at your home or business next winter.

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