Golden Bear Lawn Care Ltd. offers services to prepare your lawn and yard for the beautiful seasons of spring and summer. During the winter, debris collects around your shrubbery and in flower beds, and before you can plant or fix up your yard for the summer months, you will need to have the unwanted materials cleaned up and hauled away.

Golden Bear Lawn Care Ltd. offers the following spring cleanup services:
Clean up limbs, leaves, trash and other debris.
Cut back / prune overgrown bushes and shrubs.
Remove weeds.
Edge flowerbeds and walkways.
Begin mulching flowerbeds.
Perform lawn aeration to prepare grass for optimal health and growth.

Early spring preparation of your lawn and yard ensures a healthy lawn, fertile and nurturing flowerbeds, and clean, crisp lines around flowerbeds and sidewalks. Golden Bear Lawn Care will make sure that your yard looks its best, allowing you more time to simply enjoy its beauty! Let us make YOUR life easier!

Please contact Golden Bear Lawn Care Ltd. for an estimate on aerating your lawn.
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